Countdown #6 to disaster as the uk crashes out of the eu at 00:00 cet on the morning of january 01 2021

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news 2020.10.18 sunday

Sunday afternoon we went for a drive down through lilbourne with its wind turbines, to yelvertoft.
Surprised to find squisito open.
We were going to have a look at the canal, but couldn't find anywhere to park.
Took the pretty way home around stanford hall and through S kilworth.
Also had a quick look at catthorpe.
Evening wood burner on.

Monday morning dark 7 degrees.
Afternoon rain.
Evening wood burner on.
Read some more hyperion.


Now just 80 days to disaster.

Tuesday morning dark 7 degrees.
Pheasant in the back garden.
Afternoon we went for a walk up the hill and some of the way to the lake in the cold sunshine 11 degrees.
3540 steps.
Wood burner on.
Evening we caught up with les gardiennes.

Wednesday morning dark 8 degrees.
Afternoon pheasant in the front garden.

Thursday morning dark 7 degrees.
Afternoon lovely sunshine.
We popped in to ducati coventry to get the 848 service record book stamped.
BT openreach came and fitted a new master socket, which seems to have mostly sorted the mains hum noise on the line.
Evening ukulele session (7).

Friday morning dark 7 degrees.
Pheasant in the front garden.
Afternoon a bit grey.
Caught up with the motogp from a wet le mans.
Caught up with le tour stage 16 to villard de lans.

Saturday morning a bit grey.
Caught up with deadpool again.
New battery in the external temperature and humidity sensor 11 degrees.
Afternoon a little sunshine for a while.
1x circuit in the grey cold 8 mins 36.
Went for a little walk down to the church.
Heard a jet coming, and briefly saw a vampire fly over the church.
2353 steps.


Evening read some more hyperion.


Sunday morning a bit grey 7 degrees.
1x circuit in the still cold 8 mins 58.
Pheasant in the front garden.
Wood burner on.
Afternoon we went for a walk around the circuit in the still cold.
4058 steps.

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batsford10_400.jpg autumn


coming 1 day maybe

ducatisportdiscbrake1c_180.jpg New road bike.
It would be nice to have something lighter.
I was looking at bianchi.
They have a ducati range.
Innovvk2c_180.jpg A dash cam for the bike.
Looking at the innovv k2, with cameras front and rear, gps, but the microphone is internal only (sounds terrible), and rather heavy.
Also, the hd video seems very low bit rate or compressed too much.
Is there enough space to fit it?
insta3601r1_180.jpg Or do I want an action cam?
Most seem to capture travels with a gopro.
But more recently insta360 1 r seems to be taking over.
Not sure I have any use for 360 (actually 4π as a solid angle).
Still rather fabulously expensive, and memory cost too.
And now there is the dji osmo action.
dustystringsravenna26_180.jpg Harp, maybe the dusty strings ravenna 26, or should I go for the extra bass strings on the ravenna 34, possibly from morley harps.
Fabulously expensive, takes up a lot of space, not chromatic (except by moving levers), and probably needs a lot of tuning.
lagt70d1_180.jpg lag acoustic guitar. Had a go on a t300d in noiseworks in september 2014. A lovely creation in wood. Nice dark metalwork. Very french.
Or do I want a cutaway, with electric output?
They also do ukuleles.
It now seems the t300d is discontinued.
The nature versions look nice, maybe the t70d.
martindx2e12_180.jpg martin 12 string.
I was looking at the 12 string version of the lovely dx1ae that I already have.
It now seems that the dx12x1ae is discontinued, or rather replaced by the dx2e12.
Rather fabulously expensive.

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