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Time since disaster as the uk crashed out of the eu at 00:00 cet on the morning of january 01 2021

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news 2021.11.28 sunday

Sunday afternoon caught up with paula.
Went for a walk around the village circuit, over the bridge, in the cold wind.
3646 steps.
The 2 lemon trees.


Evening went into town to meet up with carol + christine.
Saw a fox on the way home under a full moon.

Monday morning off cold sunshine.
Afternoon we went for a walk around the village circuit, over the bridge in cold sunshine.
3466 steps.

Tuesday morning dark.
Went in to work.
The radio times arrived on time.
Afternoon an expensive refuel at tiny tesco.
Evening caught up with the man who knew infinity.

Wednesday morning dark.

Thursday morning dark frosty. 1 degree outside the car.
Went in to work.
Afternoon a tiny bit of shopping at morrisons.
Caught up with thérèse desqueyroux.
Evening ukulele session (4).

Friday morning dark.
A bit of cold rain later.
Afternoon cold windy sunshine.
Woodburner on.
Evening we caught up with the end of taskmaster series 12.

Windy in the night.

Saturday morning damp grey sleety snow.


Afternoon we went into town, in the bitterly cold wind, to see spires music.


A bit of shopping at tiny tesco.
Home about 17:30.
Woodburner on.

Sunday morning cold sunshine -1 degree, but at least the strong wind has gone.
Afternoon more snow.

Swapped the monster logo for the advent calendar, with an extra focus window this year, showing the original picture.



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now showing cinema

showcase showcase cinema at coventry walsgrave triangle
odeon odeon cinema at coventry city centre
arts centre arts centre cinema at university of warwick (in coventry?)


coming soon cinema


early info, trailers and pictures from upcoming films


anything even vaguely sci fi


coming soon general

snowjanuary2rc_400.jpg winter


coming 1 day maybe

ducatisportdiscbrake1c_180.jpg New road bike.
It would be nice to have something lighter.
I was looking at bianchi.
They have a ducati range.
Innovvk2c_180.jpg A dash cam for the bike.
Looking at the innovv k2, with cameras front and rear, gps, but the microphone is internal only (sounds terrible), and rather heavy.
Also, the hd video seems very low bit rate or compressed too much.
Is there enough space to fit it?
insta3601r1_180.jpg Or do I want an action cam?
Most seem to capture travels with a gopro.
But more recently insta360 1 r seems to be taking over.
Not sure I have any use for 360 (actually 4π as a solid angle).
Still rather fabulously expensive, and memory cost too.
And now there is the dji osmo action.
fendermustanglt25_180.jpg I already have a small guitar amp, the crate gtx15 that has some dsp effects.
But this fender mustang lt25 is getting good reviews, is ridiculously cheap, looks good, and even has amp modelling.
No eq control on mid (although you can tweak it through edit controls).
Should I really spend the money.
garagedoor1_180.jpg The old garage door is looking tatty.
It would be nice to have something bright and new.
But do I want canopy, retractable, automation, insulation.
Should I really spend the money, when the original is working well.

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